Entersoft Business Conference 2019 – Thessaloniki

Powerful “presence” of Thessaloniki’s business world at Entersoft Business Conference 2019

The Entersoft Business Conference 2019, held on Thursday, April 4, at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and was honored with the presence of Thessaloniki’s business world, which was represented by over 400 top executives of all branches, who were informed and exchanged views on the practical side of digital transformation.

The event was prefaced by the President of SEV, Athanasios Savvakis, pointing out the opportunities that digital technology poses today and presenting the main axes of the CCM proposal to the state, with the aim of providing incentives for investments in this direction, as well as a friendly environment of digital infrastructures which will support them.

The audience, who had flooded the amphitheater “Emilios Riadis”, watched with great interest the presentations of important “success stories” of the company’s clients (ISOMAT & KARAMOLEGKOS) that impressed with the breadth, depth and smart exploitation of the innovative information systems that they applied , in their (ongoing) digital transformation process. In the follow-up discussion panel, with the participation of top executives of AGRIS, INART & EYRIKA, the core digital strategies of the companies were discussed, as well as the framework for cooperation with Entersoft on this path.

In addition, company executives presented the company’s research and innovation strategy, with impressive examples from the next day of its “Business Suite 2020” software, which is on the rise in productivity.
The impressive presence of market executives implies not only the continuous expansion of trust and participation in the “Entersoft ecosystem”, but also the tremendous interest in the essence and capabilities of implementing digital transformation.


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