Significant growth for Entersoft in 2017

The net income of Entersoft Group continued to rise by double digits in 2017. In particular, the Group’s revenue amounted to € 11.8 million, while earnings before tax increased by 39% compared to the previous year and amounted to € 1.37 million. Net income of the parent company amounted to Euro 9.01 million, up 12.4%, while earnings before tax amounted to 1.14 million Euros.

Although total market demand showed no upward trends, Entersoft and Retail Link were able to claim a large number of new clients and increase market share. Indicative new client projects include ATHENS, MOUZAKIS, EKEMS, PHARMAZAK, EUROPA, MANOSPACK, ALPHA PROPERTY, FRESHLINE, MOURIKI, CHANDRIS, OLYMPUS MILK, MEVGAL, ELPEN, SANI RESORT as well as more than 200 other medium and small businesses through Entersoft’s partner network. Retail Link subsidiary also achieved important contracts for e-invoicing and Supply Chain Management services with companies such as KRI-KRI, MEVGAL, AVIS, KURTAKIS, PRINTEC, Boehringer Ingelheim, MARS, BARMPA STATHIS, NUMIL and many other large and medium sized companies. Finally, international sales and especially in Romania also recorded a significant rise.

Over the past two years, the group has consistently doubled annual growth rates of earnings and profits. This performance is expected to continue due to the existing backlog of contracted projects, new products and services such as Entersoft WMS, which has an excellent record of accomplishment in the market, as well as the continued growth of new customers, which is expected to intensify with the upcoming NSRF for the Private Sector. Another factor for the rise is anticipated to be the increase of companies’ investments in digital systems, which was kept low all previous years and shows first signs of recovering.

TERNA chooses Entersoft Business Suite for its Purchasing Department

TERNA SA, a subsidiary of the GEK TERNA Group, has chosen Entersoft Business Suite to monitor the procurement procedures of the projects it implements, as well as to ensure and observe the internal control and transparency that follows regarding commissions.

Purchasing Department, through Entersoft Business Suite®, is able to manage a large number of the procurement of materials and services to meet the needs of the company’s construction sites. The internal Management processes, from the market research, Bid gathering and evaluation, Bid comparison sheets up to orders / contracts to suppliers are all monitored through Entersoft Business Suite. The software communicates with MS Outlook and interacts with MS Office (Word and Excel) to automatically produce the required documents.

With the commitment of both teams and Entersoft’s methodology, a pilot system was implemented in four months, and it required eight months for the start of its productive operation. Nowadays the system is operated by all users of the Purchasing Department and it is possible to be extended to other departments or geographical areas where the GEK TERNA group has presence.

With the operation of the new system, the Purchasing Department has all the important information at any time and in real time, through a user-friendly platform.

“With Entersoft executives and the platform provided by the company, we designed and implemented a modern Procurement Management System. We have created a useful tool that has helped us to implement basic procurement procedures and requirements, and to achieve productive recording and utilization of information. «Kyriakos Klavariotis, Purchasing Manager of GEK TERNA Group