Кариерни възможности

Служителите са в основата на успеха и растежа на Entersoft. Компанията признава и възнаграждава таланта им и изгражда дългосрочни бизнес взаимоотношения с тях. Entersoft предлага динамична и приятна работна среда, която насърчава творческия дух, развитието на личностните качества и уважението към другите и тяхното достойнство.

Ако желаете да работите в Entersoft, изпратете автобиографията си на hr@entersoft.gr, като посочите в темата на писмото си референтния код на позицията, от която се интересувате. Кандидатите от мъжки пол трябва да са изпълнили задълженията си във връзка с военната служба, ако имат такива. Всички кандидати трябва да владеят много добре английски език. Всички автобиографии се разглеждат напълно конфиденциално.


Някои от нашите клиенти казват ..

“Entersoft managed to help us offer to our customers not only high quality products but also services of equal value”

G. Gogonas IS Project Manager

“Entersoft Business Suite® and Entersoft CRM® implemented extremely quickly, covering our needs for our rapid development.
The unified company image and knowledge of our evolving customer needs makes us more competitive in the market and able to offer our customers better and more targeted services.”

C. Petroutsos Finance & IT Director

"One of our main problems was the fragmented information and the delayed communication between Greece and our companies internationally due to multiple and different information systems. With Entersoft Business Suite® we have managed to homogenize information by integrating all of our data into a central IT system. As a result, we all have direct information on all our processes, from the production to distribution and from warehouses to accountants, in Greece and in our companies abroad. With the Entersoft Business Suite®, the aim of the financial management for direct and reliable information is realized, an aspect that in a modern business environment is translated into time and money! Furthermore, Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA®, with its structure and its numerous functions, is expected to provide solutions and new impulse to sales department, and we expect to immediately implement this in our subsidiaries outside of Greece as well."

A. Tasikas Financial Manager

“With Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA®, we automated all stages of the sales cycle to corporate customers, from running a campaign and attending meetings to the course of our bidding on the market and the final activation of customer-selected services. WIND's corporate representatives’ time on the market has increased, making them more flexible and more direct, while the experience of our existing and potential customers is improving.”

Th. Douros Indirect Business Sales Manager

“At JTI we are aiming to continuous optimization and automation of our processes.
We chose the Entersoft Business Suite® because it is a complete business software with rich functionality, impressive sales management capabilities SFA & Merchandizing and many advanced business intelligence tools.
The international experience Entersoft has in the implementation in conjunction with local presence and service were additional important factors in our choice. We believe that it will be an important factor to achieve our goals.”

Eugen Baloc IT Manager, JTI Romania

“We implemented many projects with Entersoft’s products. Μain success factors of these projects were our organizational maturity and management commitment in addition to Entersoft’s products broad functionality and the company’s technological expertise and experience in implementing complex projects.”

L. Athanasiou Chief Technology Officer